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The sensual massage is based on the teachings of Tantra

Deep in our hearts, we all long for loving and unintentional touch. Being touched is of such existential importance to our soul as food is to our body.

Tantric massage is an art of touch that allows men of all ages to connect with themselves with an unprecedented tenderness and to be reached gently in the deepest part. You experience – gently noticeable – encounters with yourself, change your relationship with your body and let your sensuality come to life. Possible are profound journeys and worlds of experience that lead you back to your primal power. You will also get out of your head and into your body, find your centre, get to know yourself anew and release the healing and empowering Kundalini life energy. Whether you want to know and communicate your needs and desires better, heal experienced traumas, give your partnership new momentum or simply take time for yourself. I accompany you therapeutically, mindfully and lovingly on your path to reconnect with yourself and your needs, to fulfil your freedom and individual healing.

Every man deserves to feel more satisfied, fulfilled and free again on all levels of being through this healing art of touch.

Here are some topics you may find yourself in

Young man

Who am I, and what do I want?

The societal masculine ideal often differs from what a man feels inside.

Especially at a young age, insecurities can affect your sexuality, masculinity or body image. And questions come up like:

  • How do I find out what I like?
  • What are my wishes?
  • How can I recognise/feel/address these?
  • Why do I orgasm too quickly or have erection difficulties?

Through my empathic and sensitive nature, I pick you up very gently where you are right now. The respectful and sensitive tantric massage allows you to dive into a world where you can feel yourself, your body and your needs (again). You will learn to use your breathing to bring yourself into profoundly relaxed and comfortable emotional states, and you will have the opportunity to release blocks such as rapidly waning arousal, performance pressure, fear of failure, and stress related to intimacy. I give you the space to strengthen your self-image, to rediscover your identity and to perceive and express your needs.

I am happy to accompany you on your path to your true self.

Get out of your head

Often, men are very busy at home and work, are under pressure and hardly have time to breathe or to devote themselves to their emotional needs.

Through Tantra, you get the opportunity to start a journey into your inner self without any pressure to perform. Everything may be as it is right now – you may be as you are. The focus is gently and slowly shifted from the outside to the inside and from the morning to the now so that your body, with its nervous system, has time to get used to the new rhythm. You learn to let go of control, and your head gets a supporting role. So, unique needs are awakened, and you have a lot of time and space for yourself.

You begin to trust yourself, your body and your sensations again and can let yourself fall in protected space. This is how you get from your head back into your heart and your masculine power.

Take your time out, come to rest and find back to yourself – I give you the space and time you need.

Mature man

The still old-fashioned role model of the man requires a constant performance, so it is difficult to shed this pressure at home and perceive yourself as a lustful being.

Blockages may have manifested themselves over years of pressure and the daily grind. Various dissatisfactions and, especially, erectile difficulties, blockages, fear of failure and loneliness can arise from this continuous tension in the cycle. To relieve the pressure, one then prefers a quick trip to a brothel, for example, and thus gets further and further away from one’s emotional world, feeling drained and emotionless.

Through Tantra, you get the opportunity to start a journey into your inner self without any pressure to perform. Everything may be as it is right now – you may be as you are. The focus is gently and slowly shifted from the outside to the inside and from the morning to the now so that your body, with its nervous system, has time to get used to the new rhythm. You learn to let go of control, and the stress/pressure gets a supporting role. This will help you become more aware of your body and your needs, which will allow you to experience a more sensual and fulfilling sexuality.

You have earned this new journey to yourself – I accompany you sensitively and professionally.


Becoming a father will certainly give you many new beautiful experiences. However, the change can also bring existential fears and uncertainties.

It may be that your presence at birth was a traumatising borderline experience for you, or you may have little time for the emotional and sexual needs of you/your partner in this new phase of life. Maybe you feel overwhelmed/insecure in your role as father AND partner, you don’t know how to get closer to your partner again, and you find it hard to let yourself go to feel your sensuality and that of your partner.

I will gently and respectfully assist you to heal any trauma, as well as to understand your partner better and revive your desire.

Allow yourself the space and peace to feel yourself again, to feel closer to your partner again.

Unfulfilled desire to have children/miscarriage

The most ardent desire for a child can create a lot of pressure. If existential fears or even a miscarriage are added, the chaos is complete.

The constant performance pressure, as well as the deadline just sex, are absolute lust killers. Therefore, it is difficult to escape this daily drive and control mode to let go and experience sensuality. From this constant tension, erectile dysfunction, blockages, and fear of failure can develop, and so you get further and further away from your emotional world, feeling drained and emotionless.

With my therapeutic, gentle art of touch, I help you to experience your body again as the source of your masculine elemental power and thus allow you to feel whole again as a man as well as to establish a connection to your sexual energy and your body. The profound, soulful journey helps you to heal your soul and to perceive yourself as a masculine and sensual being again.

You deserve to come to rest, to heal and to develop your creative masculinity fully, and in doing so, I will accompany you mindfully and respectfully.

Gently release trauma

Accompanying men who have had experiences such as sexualised violence, narcissistic exploitation, or other unpleasant life experiences is very close to my heart.

These issues are often pushed away in everyday life until they finally move to the surface through self-hatred, insecurities, listlessness or the like.

I accompany you gently and lovingly to re-experience your body in a protected space and to enter into a deeper connection with yourself. Discover your true essence in sensuality. Mindful touch can be a clarifying, often reconciling way to build a new, beautiful connection to your body and yourself.

My non-intentional touch accompanies you on a physical-emotional journey where you can meet yourself anew and connect to your masculine power. I will carefully discuss with you how to proceed.

I want to encourage you and help you develop new perspectives that empower you and make you feel loved, valuable and attractive again.

Upon request, I work with an experienced psychologist and holistic trauma therapist.

I dedicate my empathy, my whole caring, open heart and my gentle hands to your healing.

Consciousness expansion and spiritual journeys

A tantric massage can dissolve blockages on the mental and spiritual level and thus works on the spiritual level at the same time.

I call it:
The awakening of the primordial masculinity, the elemental force and connection with the innermost core, in harmony with Yin and Yang – back to your true essence. Body, soul and spirit connect. Feelings that were encapsulated in the body’s cells are awakened. The chakras, our energy centres, are balanced, and the powerful energy that is restored to flow through the touch of massage can flow through the inner channel and bring much healing. Depending on where you are, what you allow, what you are ready for and what is essential now, visions connections to past lives, as well as to beings (angels, spirit beings, ancestors, etc.), can show up in images, feelings and memories and provide you with insights to help you move forward on your path.

Tantric massage courses for you
(private lessons)

As a teacher of tantric massage, I accompany and guide sensitively and professionally through the learning of what, for me, is the most beautiful ritual in the world.

In private lessons, you will experience and feel everything it takes for this mind-expanding gift.

My protected and aesthetic space allows you to engage in this journey of knowledge and give space to your questions. From the very first time, you will be able to take away practical skills that will have an immediate effect on you and your partner.

I look forward to accompanying you in these life-changing hours.

Tantric massage courses for couples
(private lessons)

As a teacher of tantric massage, I accompany and guide you sensitively and professionally through learning what, for me, is the most beautiful ritual in the world.

It enables couples to take profound journeys into new, sensual worlds of experience. Through the gentle full body massage, we are adored by our beloved with an unprecedented tenderness – and touched in the meaningful inside.

Emotional mindfulness helps to enter into tangible encounters with oneself, as well as to revitalise or deepen our relationship to our body, sexuality and partnership.

We enable each other enrichment for the joint synergy, sexual energy and extended love relationship. We give each other precious time to feel into the heart and soul and connect them comprehensively with our mutual desire. We learn more about mindful touch, our joint individual needs, and profound seduction.

More fulfilment, more depth, more connection, more physicality, more sensuality, more love and sex – becomes aesthetically and easily possible through Tantra for every couple.

Esther Janssen

Tantra masseuse with certification from the IISB
Embodiment & empowerment coach, body therapy, sexual counselling, various courses/workshops
Qualified personal trainer, medical masseuse, wellness masseuse

I am a listed and certified member of the Swiss Tantric Massage Association and work according to its principles.

Directory for certified tantra massage and sex counselling: https://www.trustedbodywork.com/de/anbieter/zentrumderfrau

I am so grateful that over the last few years, I have been able to accompany men who leave my practice after a massage and feel their hearts again. Men who dare to open up and share their stories with me.

Experience has shown that men come to my practice …
… who longs for a gentle, unintentional touch
… who are in a relationship with a narcissistic person or have already left the relationship and are longing for healing and orientation
… who live with depression
… who have lost their partner or are caring for a seriously ill partner
… who have experienced physical or psychological violence (lack of love, rape and/or abuse in childhood, psychological abuse, etc.).
… and who want to feel their body again.

You come to me as you are, with your story and your experiences. You decide for yourself whether you want to open up or enjoy a loving massage. Tantra is love and one of the most beautiful ways to heal!

I know that from my own experience. Today, I can pass on my experiences and the strength from them to you as a man with my seeing and feeling hands so that you, too, can heal your issues and recognise your own male body, your own needs and your self-love. Tantra massage is your individual and personal journey to yourself, to your masculinity and your (primal) life force.

I’m happy to help you feel that again.

What customers say

Esther is warm, cordial and generous, and so are her massages: moving journeys of discovery to oneself. Esther is a master of her craft.

She understands herself with touches that arrive, that go under the skin. The body is the tool for this, but something is touched in the depth of your being. Everything that emerges is given its rightful space: small gifts in the form of sensations and feelings. Intimate sensations that rise to the conscious surface from outside of time: Pleasurable, surprising, painful or thrilling moments. The energies flow. Esther steers them with aplomb. As she does so, she leans the doors to the new rooms that have been pushed open only slightly so that they can be easily opened again the next time.

Many thanks for these far-reaching experiences!

I got to spend a heavenly afternoon in and under the hands of Esther. (It was 90 min. that seemed like a whole afternoon!). Without many words, she identified my needs and deficits and connected with me on the levels of heart, body and energy. It was wonderful. I could just let myself go and enjoy—many thanks.

It is unique every time again from new! These journeys through the emotional world of relaxation are indescribably beautiful and give one a balance not foreseen.

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