On my life journey, I have found support from wonderful people, among others, who helped me and brought me forward sustainably. Because a holistic approach is efficient in making one’s desires for life come true and letting go of destructive patterns, I would like to introduce you to these people here.

Together, you are less alone.

Corina Stähli

Corina is a psychologist specialising in psychotherapy (FSP) and a federally recognised psychotherapist. Based on her many years of work and being a mother of three children, she is particularly familiar with women's issues. Her goal is to guide you to help yourself in an appreciative, trusting and professional manner through her empathic manner. She attaches particular importance to an authentic and solidary encounter at eye level.

Sandra Blumati

Sandra is a federally certified Polarity body therapist and SOMA trauma therapist with a post-graduate diploma in Phenomenological Process Work. With her many years of experience, knowledge, and warmth, she helps you look at and name existing energy patterns to experience healing and relaxation in your own history.

Cornelia Postleb

Cornelia helps you present your services or products on the Internet in an appealing and, above all, authentic way, whether you have a sole proprietorship or a small business or are starting out as a startup from scratch. And she does this with a lot of passion and attention to detail.

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