Tantric Massage Special 12 hours

12 hours divided into 3 sessions with one special each within max. 6 months.

Experience shows that a deeper and more holistic healing is possible through close successive sessions. In addition, you can better develop your full potential, reunite with your masculine elemental force and let your body become your oasis of well-being.

Price from CHF 1'440.-

Price is calculated according to the actual time spent (hourly rate CHF 120.00)

What does a tantric massage session include:

  • We drink a delicious tea together and get in the mood for the massage. We talk about your wishes, needs, as well as possible fears and traumas and clarify your questions.
  • In a well protected space a beautiful, loving, sensual 2-hour massage according to tantric touch art, where you can completely let go, enjoy the moment and heal.
  • After the massage: time and space to gently arrive in the here and now, to reflect and share your journey, experiences with me if needed.
  • You will have a customer parking, shower, towels, lungi, shampoo, etc. at your disposal.

            For each session I offer you one of the following specials to further deepen your healing:

  • Ceremonial cocao; heart opening effect: at the beginning of your session I will guide you through a beautiful and sensual ritual where you will feel, smell and drink the cocoa.
  • Essential Oil Journey: The high-quality oils of DoTerra, invite you on a journey and work through the sense of smell and the skin. Adapted to your needs and blockages, I will use these high quality essential oils in a loving way during the tantra massage on various parts of your beautiful body.
  • Healing stone harmony with meditation: colors and properties of the stones have a harmonizing effect on the chakras. I will place the appropriate healing stones on the respective chakras, and I will guide you with a beautiful meditation, so that these can resonate even better in harmony and unison. I will intuitively let this flow into the beginning of the tantra massage.
  • Magic of the breath: breathing exercises help to get out of the head and into the body/heart. At the beginning of your session, I will do simple breathing exercises with you that you can use at any time to get you out of your head and into the here and now. Because the breath has a very grounding and calming effect and it connects us with our Highest Self.
  • Energy Flow Activation: Breaks up blockages and allows your energy to flow throughout your body again. Sitting for long periods of time can cause energy blockages, which we want to break up at the beginning of your session so that your Tantra experience can be even more beautiful and healing. To African drum music we will move, dance, stomp, etc. intuitively until you feel completely free, grounded and energized.
  • Messages from your inner self: Sets of cards with beautiful messages to complete your tantric journey. At the end of your session, when you are still deeply connected to the spiritual world, to your highest self, to your innermost being, you intuitively choose message(s) from the set(s) that will make a beautiful conclusion and perhaps provide you with answers to the journey you have just experienced or can be groundbreaking in some other way.

Please show up on time for your appointment so you can get the most out of your time.

If you need to cancel or rescind, this is possible free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Cancellations at short notice will be charged.

The 3 sessions of the Tantric Massage Special should take place within 6 months from the first appointment.

Code of Conduct:

As a masseuse, I can only move freely and relax and tune into your energy if I don’t have to worry about your hands ending up in my private parts. Also, sexual union and oral sex are excluded. You can hold me carefully – I like to cuddle and hug you and give you physical closeness in emotional moments.

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