Recommendation for "Your First Tantra Massage"

Your first sensual massage session is based on the teachings of Tantra and lasts approximately 3.5 hours.

This special offer is for all men who are curious or looking for healing experiences and want to get to know tantra massage.

Since I have already been allowed to accompany many men in their first experience with a tantric massage, I know that inhibitions and insecurity can play a role.

I hope I can give you some answers here and take away some of your nervousness.

With my empathic way I see you with all your concerns and feelings and listen to you without judging. I offer you the space to open up, relax and let go and experience the wonderful world of Tantra.

Our appointment starts with a conversation where you can tell me your fears, doubts, experiences, needs and desires. You may tell me your story in peace, calm down and let go of your stress.

Of course, we will also discuss how exactly the massage will proceed, so that you can enjoy this experience and completely let yourself go. You don’t have to worry about whether or not to include your lingam beforehand. It is very important to me that you know that you can decide for or against it at any time during the tantric massage. Please don’t put pressure on yourself, I don’t want you to go for it until you are really ready for it. Because your healing can take place even without a lingam massage, as you will be immersed in another world during the massage, your mind will be free and you will go on a healing sensory journey.

While the focus is on the massage and touching your body to let the energies flow, the talk time is also very valuable and part of the whole session. Which is why after the massage I want to give you not only enough time and space to gently arrive back in the here and now, but also to share, sort and answer your experience, thoughts, feelings and questions if needed.

If you have had negative experiences in the past, I will guide you through those feelings professionally, gently and lovingly. Your body, your soul and your spirit get with me the protected space and enough time to accept and conclude. The mindful and sensual touches help you to let go, to open up (again), to exchange painful experiences for new, healing ones and to feel complete and free in your masculinity again.

I wish that you have the courage to contact me so that I can facilitate a tantric massage for you and help you feel more connected to your body and soul again.

If you’re still a little on the fence, I highly recommend reading my clients’ testimonials – they are so appreciative and you can feel their joy and gratitude.

Of course, you may send me any questions before your first appointment, so that your nervousness and uncertainty may be alleviated.

Price from CHF 420

Price is calculated according to the actual time spent (hourly rate CHF 120.00)

What does a tantric massage session include:

  • We drink a delicious tea together and get in the mood for the massage. We talk about your wishes, needs, as well as possible fears and traumas and clarify your questions (60 min.).
  • In a well protected space a beautiful, loving, sensual 2-hour massage according to tantric touch art, where you can completely let go, enjoy the moment and heal.
  • After the massage: time and space to gently arrive in the here and now, to reflect and share your journey, experiences with me if needed (30 min.).
  • You will have a customer parking, shower, towels, lungi, shampoo, etc. at your disposal.
  • I have made the experience that 3.5 hours are sufficient, should you have the need to exchange more deeply, I would like to give this energy the space and my time and allow you an individual time adjustment (max. 60 min extension, hourly rate CHF 120.-).


Code of Conduct:

As a therapist, I can only move freely and relax and tune into your energy if I don’t have to worry about your hands ending up in my private parts. Sexual union, as well as oral sex are excluded.

I am a therapist (not a sex worker) and mindfully guide you in your healing according to the teachings of Tantra.

Please show up on time for the appointment so we can fully enjoy our time.

If you need to cancel or rescind, this is possible free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Cancellations at short notice will be charged.

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