The holistic approach has always been very important to me and my many years of experience as a personal trainer have confirmed this. The tantric massage is a journey to your innermost being, during which a profound healing process is initiated. Of course, this beautiful ritual in itself is very healing, according to the holistic approach I would like to warmly recommend you some of my heart products, which I myself use daily.


The high quality essential oils support me in so many ways and with so many different issues, both physical and emotional.

The root brands

First, your cells should be cleansed so that the good nutrients can be absorbed in the first place. This is where the products of The root brands help.


We consist of 60% water. Therefore, and to get any pollutants out of our system, it is essential to drink enough good water.

Note on the products
The products presented and described on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The products do not replace medical care. However, the products can complement and very well support the therapies and medications recommended by the doctor.

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