How does a tantric massage setting work?

What you can expect during your time with me:

  • We start with a delicious cup of tea, discuss any fears and traumas and clarify your questions.
  • I am happy to answer any questions about your masculine or female energy and my tantra courses.
  • Afterwards, you can enjoy a refreshing shower to prepare for the massage.
  • Then you can immerse yourself in my lovingly designed room and enjoy a beautiful, unintentional and sensual 60/90-minute 2/2.5/3-hour tantric massage, during which your soul will take you on a profound, soulful and healing journey to reconnect you with the source of your primal masculine power.
  • After the massage, time and space to gently arrive in the here and now, to reflect and share your journey and experiences with me if needed.
  • Enjoy a refreshing shower experience in a luxurious bathroom with towels and first-class care products.

Time for in-depth exchange

  • I have found that many men also feel the need to talk about it for longer before the massage and after a deep physical journey. That’s why I want to give this energy the space and time.
  • I charge an energy compensation for the actual time (hourly rate CHF 140.-).

Code of Conduct

  • As a masseuse, I can only move freely and relax and tune into your energy if I don’t have to worry about your hands ending up in my private parts. Also, sexual union and oral sex are excluded. You can hold me carefully – I like to cuddle and hug you and give you physical closeness in emotional moments.


  • Please show up on time for the appointment so we can fully enjoy our time.
  • If you need to cancel or rescind, this is possible free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Cancellations at short notice will be charged. 

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