Sensual massage, according to the tantric art of touch

During the massage, you will be immersed in another world; your mind will be free and relaxed. I help you to feel complete in your masculinity.

With my emphatic manner, I will pick you up so that you can trustfully place yourself in my hands and completely let go.

You will learn a lot about yourself and your body; your mind will open up and go on a sensual journey. My hands will lovingly massage your whole body, and through our conversation and the flowing energy, I will touch your heart and soul. I understand your insecurities and will pick you up with all your concerns and feelings, offering you space to experience the beautiful world of Tantra your way.

Tantric Massage Settings

Every man deserves to feel happier and more fulfilled on all levels of his being through this healing art of touch.

Recommendation for "Your First Tantra Massage"

CHF 490.-

The 3.5-hour session includes a detailed 60-minute preliminary talk and a 2-hour massage based on the art of tantric touch.

Tantric Massage Settings

according to actual time spent (hourly rate CHF 140.-)

The settings are preceded by a preliminary discussion lasting 30 minutes. The duration of the massage, according to the art of tantric touch, varies depending on the total length of the setting.

4 hours at CHF 560 include a 3-hour massage

3.5 hours at CHF 490 include a 2.5-hour massage

3 hours at CHF 420 include a 2-hour massage

2.5 hours at CHF 350 include a 90-minute massage

2 hours at CHF 280 include a 1-hour massage

Tantric Massage Subscription

Enjoy ten healing hours divided into three lovingly designed sessions. This subscription is personal and non-transferable.

Tantric massage 3-pack subscription

10 hours CHF 1'200.- instead of 1'400.-

Experience shows that successive sessions make a more profound and holistic healing possible. You can also better develop your full potential, reunite with your masculine elemental force and turn your body into your oasis of well-being.

Tantric Massage Courses

Thanks to my many years of experience as a tantra coach and my sensitive and empathic nature, I realise right from the start who learns best and how. I can adapt to each of you individually, even if you are entirely different. Whether you need clear structures and processes or are already intuitive and creative, you need guidance and encouragement. I will guide you individually; you can feel and try it out directly.

And guide you sensitively and professionally through learning what I consider the most beautiful ritual in the world. Through the gentle full body massage, with unprecedented tenderness, your partner will be honoured and touch the meaningful inside. Emotional mindfulness helps to enter into tangible encounters with yourself and your partner, as well as to revitalise and deepen your relationship with your body, your sexuality, and your partner.

Tantric massage courses for couples (private lessons)

Basic course 5 h from CHF 700.-
Advanced courses 4 h from CHF 560.-
Advanced course 4 h from CHF 560.-

  • Learning sensual massage based on the teachings of Tantra (you practice on each other)
  • Advanced courses honouring femininity/masculinity
  • Advanced course: Refresher and consolidation of basic/advanced course

Tantric massage for you (private lessons)

Basic course 4 h from CHF 560.-
Advanced course 4 h from CHF 560.-
Advanced course 4 h from CHF 560.-

  • Learning the sensual massage based on the teachings of Tantra (you practice the massage on me)
  • Advanced courses are honouring femininity/masculinity (yoni and lingam massage on a plastic model).
  • Advanced course: Refresher and consolidation of basic/advanced course

Heart Project - Donation

Giving support – for a cycle of healing and community
Support for women on low incomes – Because healing should not be a question of income

Imagine what the world would look like if your mother, sister, a woman close to you, or even a stranger could heal their emotional wounds. Imagine the life-changing power you could give these beautiful beings by supporting them with your loving donation.

Your generosity could be the key that enables women to break the shackles of their psychological trauma.

My calling is to give as many women as possible, regardless of their financial situation, the healing experience of a Tantra massage.

The more people participate in the Donation Ticket, the more women I can support at reduced rates.
Together, we send a strong signal for healing, care and community.
I am firmly convinced that good deeds spread out like waves in the water, and everything flows back to us in abundance; that is the law of karma.

If you would like to find out more about my work and the specific projects supported by your donation,

Thank you very much for your support and for being part of this valuable cycle.

Gift Voucher

Do you know someone who has already had a tantric massage setting or course or someone who would benefit from one?
Give your favourite person a gift with an individualised gift voucher.

You choose the amount (a partial amount is also possible), and I will send you a beautiful voucher with their name on it to print out yourself. Afterwards, the presentee / the recipient can choose the appropriate ritual when booking the appointment.

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