Tantric massage 3-pack subscription

Price CHF 1'200.- instead of 1400.-

Your path to holistic healing

Enjoy ten healing hours, divided into 3 lovingly designed sessions. This subscription is personal and non-transferable.

Experience shows that a deeper and more holistic healing is possible through successive sessions. You can also better develop your full potential, reunite with your feminine elemental force and turn your body into your oasis of well-being.

With this special offer, I invite you to embark on a more intensive, multi-layered journey of self-discovery and healing. A journey full of heart opening, conscious awareness and energetic breakthroughs. Here are some of the wonderful opportunities that await you:

From trauma to transformation
People often carry their traumatic experiences around with them subconsciously for years, encapsulated in a cocoon of protective mechanisms and defense strategies.

Recognizing and accepting your own trauma, however painful it may be, is the beginning of a profound transformation process.

Thanks to my unique training and years of experience with women and trauma, I have realized that several consecutive sessions can release trauma to its source. In this way, you will regain your original feminine power and finally be able to walk your path of freedom and harmony.

Space for trust and security
You may feel like a failure, which can take you completely out of your feminine power. Or you’re already under so much pressure because you’re constantly thinking about your cycle.

With several consecutive sessions of this gentle art of touch, I help you to experience your body again as the source of your feminine primal power and thus give you the opportunity to feel whole again as a woman and to establish a connection to your sexual energy and your body. This profound, soulful journey will help you to heal your soul and to re-establish yourself as a feminine and sensual being.

Self-discovery and soul integration
Tantric massage reminds us of the bridge between souls, the exchange of energy and love that reminds us that we are all connected. You are allowed to let go of the old to make room for the new, to live our full potential in self-love and acceptance.

During the ritual, the soul can lead us to previously unknown places or connect us with angels, spirit beings and ancestors. These connections offer deep insights and promote healing on our path.

I invite you to share this journey with me.

If my approach appeals to you, subscribe to my channel for deeper insights and guidance on your path of self-discovery.

Holistic experience
Tantric touch is more than just physical contact; it is a fusion of body, mind and soul. This holistic approach enables a more comprehensive view and treatment. A sacred invitation to perceive and accept yourself in your entire being.

A single Tantra massage can be enlightening, true transformation takes time and commitment. The 3-subscription is your commitment to sustainable, deep and transformative healing. It is your conscious decision to engage in this sacred path of self-love and self-discovery.

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